harmonizes work and life

activates business potential

Introduction to Dan Bruder

Dan Bruder, CEO of Blendification created Blendification to build a platform that would return business to its original purpose of providing solutions that positively impact employees, customers, and communities.

Dan’s professional experience and research led to the realization that to achieve human potential, work and life must be blended. Contrary to the legacy concept of work-life balance, people pursuing meaning in their life embrace the natural connection of work and life. Blendification harmonizes work and life, unifying organizational strategy management with employee growth and development. When employees and businesses work in unison, business potential and employee potential complement and feed off each other.

Dan developed and enhanced the Blendification ethos for several years by delivering the Strategy Whiteboard and Personal Whiteboard programs through conventional consulting, teaching in MBA and Executive MBA programs, and writing The Blendification® System book.

He realized that traditional, high-priced consulting models and workshops do not include and influence everyone in the organization. Consequently, Dan partnered with an accomplished software entrepreneur, Shawn DeVerse, and together they created a new business segment, Consultech (Consulting and Technology).

Blendification leverages consultech by activating business and employee potential using the Strategy Whiteboard and Personal Whiteboard consulting programs delivered through software applications. With Blendification software, the same strategy framework used for business planning and execution (the Strategy Whiteboard) is applied to employees’ growth and development (the Personal Whiteboard), creating a natural and complementary connection between work and life.

When fully implemented, employee engagement, retention, and loyalty improve while burnout diminishes.

Culture. Strategy. Execution. Character. Motivation. Behaviors.

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What is Blendification?

Listen to Dan describe the Blendification Ethos.



Work and life have become blended into a complex system of unpredictable outcomes. A person’s life is uniquely impacted by many different but interconnected elements, experiences, situations, and relationships. Successful leaders must recognize they cannot isolate employees in a closed world, separating them from other concepts, people, and influences.

With work-from-home becoming standard, employees are disconnected from and discontent with work. While many organizations are using various old-school tactics to combat this, employees are looking to be part of a cooperative and connected work environment even though they are physically disconnected. Blendification goes to the core of what motivates human beings, the desire and biological need to be part of a network of people working towards something shared and meaningful.

Leaders embrace the multiple influences and interconnectivity between departments, people, and experiences from work and life. 

This blended leadership recognizes the interdependence and connectivity of numerous variables creating exponential growth in companies and people. Blendification is an emergent platform helping leaders foster a culture where people are unified by common pursuits yet have the freedom to choose the actions to achieve meaningful outcomes.

Blendification enables businesses to take a leadership role in creating positive impacts by:


Harmonizing work and life

Activating business and personal potential

Enhancing the lives of employees, customers, and positively impacting communities

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